How do you translate "leverage" in Chinese

when there is no investment involved?

The word "leverage" evolves from French lever and Latin levare, both meaning "to raise," and it did not don the financial speculation sense until 1937. Today, the financial sense seems to be used more commonly than its original meaning "action of a lever."

But in the sentence I worked on today, the word has little, if any, to do with financial investment. I think "leverage" in this sentence can be translated as chong fen yun yong (充分運用), meaning "make good use of." In Chinese, chong fen means "to the fullest," yun means "to move, transport" and yong means "to use." Below is the source sentence and my translation.

EN: OOO leveraged her broad cross-brand and cross-industry knowledge to identify business opportunities.

TC: OOO 充分運用其廣泛的跨品牌及跨產業知識來發掘商機。

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